The word “can’t” for my kids

Ever since I’ve learned that the words we allow to come from our mouth, either speaks “LIFE or DEATH” towards situations, I’ve created a mental shift in not only my life but in my kids’ lives too. They are not allowed to say, “I can’t”; and if they do, it’s been ingrained in them to keep trying.  If something is hard, most times I won’t help my child (even if they get frustrated) because I want them to learn that once they’ve tried, tried again, and really made an effort, then it’s ok for them to ask for help (STILL not using the word “can’t”. They can say,  “I am unable to do this by myself so I need help.”

Can’t doesn’t give the opportunity to move forward and stops you in your tracks.  Can’t means unsuccessful.  But unable means you’ve exhausted all of your “know how” and at that point, you’ll need some assistance.  It’s just a mind trick because I want my kids to have the mindset when faced with challenges, your 1st thoughts aren’t to give up.  Find a way to get it done.

Of course I won’t leave my kids high and dry if they haven’t done it before.  But I’ll explain it to them and even show them I can do it.  So it’s their turn to get it done.

Interestingly enough, my kids have gotten through what they said THEY CAN’T and because I didn’t help them, it PROVES that they’re able to do it all by themselves!  They’ve become more confident in their abilities and even makes THEM PROUD of themselves…especially their independent selves!

Check out this AWESOME video about a new product from Yvolution called, “Neon Street Rollers” & my kids learning how to use these!!

They went from “it’s hard” & “I can’t” to becoming PROS!!! They’ve literally worn them EVERYWHERE we went for weeks & have gotten so much attention about HOW COOL THEY ARE & HOW COOL MY KIDS MADE THIS PRODUCT!!😎

You can buy this product ON SALE NOW at Amazon ($27.99 WITH free shipping!!) & they come in Green, Blue, & Pink… recommended for ages 6yrs +

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Even have Disney-themes (Frozen, Paw Patrol, Trolls) for younger kids recommmended 6yrs + 


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