My shortest trip to Las Vegas…

This past wknd was YET another UNSTOPPABLE MOMENT!!  & I said to myself, I’ll actually write about this & any other unstoppable moments I have to showcase why I have this belief!

For the past 4yrs, I’ve been attending these personal training events that are always in a different state except 1 time.  About 2yrs ago they no longer allow children under 14yrs to attend.  So each time my biggest issue was childcare.  Well these events are also held quarterly so that’s never really any surprise to me…since I know which months I’ll be traveling. In any case, this time around I simply said, “I’M GOING!  No real plans except I said, “Commit and the HOW will take care of itself!”  That last phrase I learned from my mentor and it holds true…That’s also a little secret of mine” 😉  (That’s a topic I’ll cover in my 6 Principles for the Unstoppable Lifestyle course that I discuss HOW to manifest what you want.)

Well it’s 1 week before the wknd training and out the blue, I get a phone call from one of my close business partners asking if I needed a DISCOUNT ticket to this event ($99 vs $600).  WHAT??!!  Without hesitation I’m like YES!!  Magic is ALREADY starting to happen!! Next is the “sitter” and I decide that I’ll drive to DC (sister lives there) then fly to Las Vegas.  In the back of my mind, I was DREADING having to do that drive but that was the most economical route to take.

Now here starts more challenges: On Thursday before the wknd training, my debit card had a fraudulent charge so it had to be cancelled and replaced.  Ok no big deal they said I could get a temporary card at the bank.  I didn’t go because I had another card to use.  It’s now the next day on Friday and NOTHING in place; but worst, I was supposed to be in DC already.  Even crazy (to some)…I’m STILL telling myself, I’LL BE THERE!!  I CAN’T MISS THIS TRAINING!!  So now, it’s time to COURSE CORRECT and stay in motion (because when you want something bad enough, you have to stay busy doing productive activities).  Friday I’m searching for flights to DC for 3 then for me to go to Vegas solo.  I quickly realized too expensive for such a short time.  So that’s out and I found flights straight to Vegas.

I ended up going to the ATM machine after hours to deposit my money (in order to pay for the flight) and for the 1st time ever, it JAMS!! Seriously?!?!  It deposits $.01 and says they’ll correct the issue in 2 business days.  I was like this cannot be happening!  I DON’T HAVE 2 BUSINESS DAYS TO WAIT!!  I withdraw the amount I deposited and now my account is LESS than instead of having an increased amount!!

It’s Saturday morning and I head to the bank to get my temporary card and deposit the money into that account (so now I’m able to book my flight).  I also decide to work my part time gig for extra money.  & while I was out, I stopped to buy me a small purse looking backpack for my trip. I didn’t need luggage & I needed to be hands free.   So it was the last bag on the shelf and I was like “BINGO”! LOL  Here is a another cute bag I would’ve gotten because it has MORE compartments and was around the same price…I paid $30 for the one I had (see below) but it didn’t have any side pockets -_- IMG_20171029_053538_176

Travel Day Backpack $29.89

Anyway, later on that day I remember telling myself, to TRUST THE PROCESS!  Don’t let these “DISTRACTIONS” TAKE YOU OFF COURSE!  You’ll be in Vegas just follow those 6 Principles for the UNSTOPPABLE LIFESTYLE and I did!  I even visualized the feeling of accomplishment that I MADE A WAY OUT OF NO WAY!!  Then another magical moment: my friend called asking, “Aren’t you supposed to be in Vegas??” LOL  She had an event to go to Sat night (so initially she was unavailable) but I told her I need her to watch my kids and I’ll be back Mon night.  She agrees!  I book a 6a flight on Sunday and arrived in Vegas at 9a (1hr before the event started!!).


Although I missed the 1st day of the event, CHAMPIONS ADJUST!!  I got what I came for that day and even had time to enjoy “ME TIME” having a “1st Time Experience”…got on one of the world’s tallest thrill rides at the Stratosphere Tower!!  It was the shortest trip I’ve ever been on but it was the experience that builds more confidence in what I can CREATE even when obstacles try to take me off course!! I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!


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