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Me: Is single parenthood anything like you thought?  

Tai: Had no previous thoughts.  This is the only way I know “How to Parent”

Me: When did you decide that life & adventure can still be possible even with kids & being single?

Tai: Recently, in 2016.  You only have 1 life and tomorrow isn’t promised.  Nor should you wait until your kids are grown…with different ages, “the end” (when all kids become adults) seems so far fetched.   It’s about prioritizing YOUR WANTS and incorporating the family NOW…

Me: Do you ever get overwhelmed?  & what’s your “go to” to get a handle on everything?  

Tai: Yes.  Retreat for 10-15mins to regroup.  Can’t sulk forever: “cry or boss up?  1st off I’m doing BOTH!”  lol Teach kids to be self-sufficient and learn to let things go without being a perfectionist…

Me: What do you believe your mindset must be in order to be the best version of yourself or even just as a functional extraordinary single mom?

Tai: Go getters attitude; independent, persistent personality.  This is NOT forever, see past what is right now in order to move forward.  Being a mom is LIFE’s purpose!  But you MUST take time to reset, enjoy being alone knowing kids are fine.  Take a solo vacation to disconnect is something you should do WITHOUT feeling guilty!

Me: Any secrets or tips to choosing & living as an extraordinary single mom?

Tai: Being “laxed” about certain things.  Not stressing about the little things!  Ask yourself, Will it matter in a year from now?  Will it impede their morals?

Me: Any lessons you’ve learned about single parenthood or in life?

Tai: The importance of YOUR awakening.  Follow your instincts/intuitions.  When people show you who they are the 1st time, believe them!  Truly LOVE AND TRUST yourself 1st . Be authentic to your worthiness ALL THE TIME and don’t accept anyone treating you less than what you deserve!