Interviews from “The Extraordinary Single Moms”

20180109_014003When I come across single moms who have set the bar high for themselves, their children, and their lifestyles, not only am I impressed, but it just reinforces what I represent and what I want others to see as examples of what’s possible in this solo parenting role.

To explain a bit more why I’m focusing on EXTRAORDINARY SINGLE MOMS, it’s because this is truly a choice to live from.  These moms are taking life head on with all of it’s challenges–even as imperfect beings– yet still making it seem so effortless and not to mention staying fabulous! 😉

I also wanted to highlight that we as extraordinary single moms are “disrespecting” any negative stereotypical views of what single parenthood looks like.  So no we don’t have it easy, no we don’t want anyone to sympathize with us, no we aren’t sitting back waiting on handouts, but on the contrary we EXPECT to get the most out of life by living intentionally and never settling.  And YES, we can still have an amazing life full of rich experiences, deeper understanding of our capabilities, and loving relationships within our families and with others.

I’m excited to connect and to hear more from different single moms and bring attention to their stories, backgrounds, and the way they think.  Thanks for checking them out!! 🙂