CONNECTIONS…You just never know where it’ll take you!

It began with a “like” on one of my FB posts.  Then I decided to be “nosey” and checkout ASheka Jordan.  Next thing I know, I’m super impressed by her events planning business, BEYOND POSH EVENTS (like her on FB and mention me)!!  So of course, I’m liking and commenting… but then there was this networking event in 4days!!  Great I didn’t miss it because I’m so there!  I finally get to meet Asheka  in person and meet some other business-minded entrepreneurs at 3535 Studio in Dallas, TX!!

My recommendation to you: NEVER BE AFRAID TO MEET PEOPLE FACE TO FACE!!  It’s ALL about connecting and putting your personality, your energy signature, & your presence there to make a statement THAT YOU SHOWED UP!  You have to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE to allow for opportunities; collaborations; & to bring awareness to YOU, your brand, your message, & your life!  Also be vocal and know how to represent yourself!  Imagery is EVERYTHING TOO!  People judge based on appearances so look your best for first impressions:  be mindful of your hair, makeup, eye-contact, smile, nails, smell, clothing, shoes…& even how you speak.  Make sure you do more LISTENING than talking!!  You’re there to ABSORB info for learning purposes not solely to promote yourself and your business.  The panels did however allow for that “Elevator Pitch” to give a brief synopsis of what our businesses were about in about 15secs.

At this 2hrs event, there was a good number of people that turned out about 20… despite the fact that it was RAINING TOO (& you know people don’t come out when it rains)!!  Well the panel of speakers were so knowledgeable, qualified, & they definitely DELIVERED so much value from exact resources, exact contacts, tailored information, & personal experiences from business lessons learned!! I took 4.5 pages of notes, exchanged 8+ contacts that I can directly collaborate with for my brand and left there with an entire new outlook on expansion, possibilities, & new relationships formed!!  THIS IS HOW NETWORKING EVENTS SHOULD BE!!

Oh but let me tell you about the light refreshments…there were sandwiches, drinks, and EVEN DESERTS!!  I had the cupcake that Brittany Earle made and she’s also a partner of 3535 Studio Dallas!!  So this almond inspired, cupcake which had the moistness and just enough sweetness (usually I don’t eat the cupcake icing topping) but I had to!!  OMG D E L I C I O U S!  She’s just all around providing and sharing her gifts!!


But it gets better!  3535 Studio is like a hub for various businesses: podcasts, dance studio, tax expert, radio station, meeting/roundtable room, photography, and any other businesses they partner with to rent out their space.  So naturally, I wanted to see about the podcast EXCEPT I walked into the wrong room!!! LOL Checkout the clip here:  I ended up being on LIVE AIR at “I AM ROYALTY RADIO” (follow on FB & mention me!!) LOL  BUT everything turned out better than I expected!!  Instead of it being super awkward, me feeling embarrassed, kicking me out, or anything like that, it was pleasantly welcoming!!!  And their personalities were humorous and great!!  Besides they’re pleased to have guests (including uninvited)…it’s a WIN WIN!  They get more awareness about their radiostation and you get to be featured on a segment at a later date!!  & BONUS to me, they gave me a SHOUTOUT and I was put on the spot to tell their viewers about who just popped in and what I represent!  It was a great 1st Time Experience for me too!!

Once again the people at 3535 Studio were from a different breed!!!  They were simply AWESOME and it shows up in their actions!!  Everyone was super authentic and I’m definitely looking forward to doing business there in the near future!



  1. A’Sheka Jordan, CEO                                                                          
  2. Brittany Earle, partner of                                                                                    3535 Studios, 3535 Marvin D. Love FWY, Dalls, TX                                          & CEO
  3. I Am Royalty Radio                                                                      




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