#MONEYSEASON: 1 Yr Anniversary

1 year ago on this day, February 21, 2018 is the day I’ve manifested!!  I was in a new space that REQUIRED me to elevate my unhealthy relationship with money into a new season of ABUNDANCE.  I knew I needed some drastic changes!  I was ready to make “investment” moves so that my money could work FOR ME.  I was tired of chasing after money.  I know how to get money…that’s not the issue.  My problem was KEEPING MONEY and GROWING IT.

Being single, the head of household, and a mother…ONE INCOME has proven time and time again, that IT’S NOT ENOUGH.  Hell, it’s not enough even where there are two adults in the household; so how could I possibly believe that my “one income” would suffice???

Here’s the back story: I currently live in DFW.  It wasn’t my intention on relocating here but I came to visit my close friend/sister for 2wks.  2wks has turned into 2 YEARS and counting!  When I visited, I was waiting on a position that offered me the most money I’ve ever made.  Although initially I was excited, the closer I got to finalizing everything, the less enthusiastic I became.  I remember reading a book, “The Passion Test”, by Chris & Janet Attwood and it said, “if you’re ever conflicted…ALWAYS CHOOSE YOUR PASSION.”  That’s stuck with me and I definitely was feeling sick just thinking about HOW I would be making that kind of money.  I would be confined to rules and living my life having to answer to others… an office job.  Nothing against making a living with a job, but I got a taste of a different reality and I couldn’t go back.  I contacted the job and told them I was no longer interested in the position.  I felt so free and relieved!  It was my intuition that was pulling me away from that position and I knew I wouldn’t be happy there.

So, I KNEW I would be taking a pay cut.  I already decided that I was worth at least $100K so why was I willing to take a pay cut?? Because I didn’t want to get there via a job.  My passion is to be free…I don’t like constraints!  Then just over a year, I get a call from my long time mentor and he tells me to watch a video.  This video introduced me to the world of FOREX!!!

I believe that the job I turned down was a TEST to see how committed I was to what I said I wanted.  I PASSED THE TEST!

Now I had ZERO knowledge about FOREX but a few years back I read,  “MONEY, Master the Game”, by Tony Robbins.  He interviewed the world’s richest billionaires and also about investing.  Although I didn’t finish the book because I was trying to comprehend “investing”, that was a mission I was going to conquer.  However I didn’t know the “how”—investing was so foreign to me as you can see I couldn’t even finish the book!!

FOREX is the LARGEST FINANCIAL MARKET IN THE WORLD.  $5.3 TRILLION A DAY IS MOVED ALL AROUND THE WORLD & I GET TO PARTICIPATE AND LEARN THAT SKILLSET.  That video introduction wasn’t by accident.  It was very intentional and I took learning this very serious because this was what I’ve been waiting for!!!  My time is HERE…I’m in my MONEY SEASON!!

NOTE: If you’ve read this and you’re in your Money Season too, and you want to know about FOREX too, message me #MONEYSEASON either via:

Facebook, “Unstoppable Betina” or “Betina Roberts”

IG: betina_travels

and I will definitely share the knowledge I’ve learned and the platform I’m using.  Also I am interested in personally helping Single Moms become FINANCIALLY FIT TOO! 😉



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