1st Time Experiences “TO DO LIST”…

Checkout my YouTube video when I was featured in a single mom’s group, Unstoppable Single Moms, sharing this idea:

Has your life STOPPED because you’re being a mom?

Purpose: to break out of routines, become interesting beings, add more variety and spice to our lives, enhance the quality of our lives, not your typical “mother experiences”, to feel happy and alive, not to feel like we’re missing out.

Consider this: What’s your title or beliefs about being a mother? Rather what do you most associate with and live your life by?

I looked up the definition of a “Super mom” = balancing full-time work, balancing family life, and also upkeeping the home.  But does it ever discuss the need for moms to ENJOY or HAVE FUN themselves??  Even creating new experiences?  Is that a hidden belief that we should wait or sacrifice our lives for the sake of raising children; keeping a clean, tidy, and functional home; and paying bills?

I’m simply here to challenge what WE/YOU want out of your life while still responsibly raising your kids.

Mothers, here are some brainstorming topics about all of the 1st time experiences you would like to do.  These are just some things on my list.  Of course this isn’t a completed list…you can add to it as you think of things. 😉


Mechanical Bullride

Cooking lessons

Take dance classes (sensual, salsa, hip hop, etc)

Speed Dating

Gun range

Go on a trip with a guy of interest

Go on a yacht


Yoga/Bikram Yoga


Defense class

Spin class




Scuba diving

Zip lining


White water rafting

Hot Air balloon ride

Drive an exotic car


Learn to speak Spanish (live in a Spanish speaking country to learn it)

Learn to ride a motorcycle/Learn to drive a stickshift

Drive a convertible


Swinger’s club

Toy Parties (learning/discovering sexuality)

-The “WON’T DO’s” Because You’re a “Mother”

Wearing a belly tops

Thigh -High Boots

Going Braless