PEACEFULNESS…in a Single Mom’s Home. Really?!

Ever thought about just how relaxing (yes I said it) a single mom’s home is despite all of the seemingly chaos that goes on? I can speak for my home but I’m sure some of these generalizations can work for others’ as well.  There is a sense of PEACEFULNESS that exists inside my home.  Being the only adult comes with its privileges because you don’t have to hear comments, critiques, or have any confrontations from another man!  HA!  There are small pleasures in this peacefulness: like I’m able to style my hair the way I want (I can shave the sides of my hair); decorate my home as I please (I LOVE PURPLE so I can have as much in my personal space 😉); cook the way I feel like it without another adult critiquing or commenting (if I just want to make GORDONS fish sticks & a salad what grown man will eat that??!! LOL); spend money the way I want to without any input from anyone (bought a new car because I felt like it); make spontaneous decisions to travel and even relocate (I’ve traveled over 20times, moved 4 times); there’s no checking in with anyone about my whereabouts (I come and go as I please…given I have a sitter LOL); there’s no telling me what I should wear or what’s appropriate (fishnet stockings with some shorts)… ahh YOU GET THE POINT!!!  NOTHING LIKE PEACEFULNESS!  😉

Now on the flipside, my kids won’t get exposed to the “lows” of relationships: when there are arguments; any sort of abuse both verbal and physical; when someone “cheats” and it’s considered daddy’s/mommy’s “special friend”; or any other bad examples like disrespect, lack of affection, etc.  😊

But don’t get me wrong, it can be too peaceful LOL!!!  Like when you take a road trip and the kids fall asleep…it’s just YOU and no one but the music and your thoughts to keep you company ☹ OR anytime the kids are busy playing and keeping themselves busy…it’s just YOU and YOU AGAIN.  OR worst, when the kids go with a family member/friend to give you a “break”, then it’s AKWARD LOL because you’ve now become used to being alone and having all of this DAMN “PEACEFULNESS”!!! LMAO

OKAY, who’s idea was this to enjoy so much peacefulness?!!  But seriously, it definitely has its perks for however long it lasts… just remember that YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL!!  So whatever situations you find yourselves in, you can make the changes needed to satisfy whatever lifestyle you desire!! 😉


For more tips on “Single Parent Households” from other single mom bloggers, CLICK ON THIS LINK, Secrets for a Successful Life.  This is a collaboration with single mom bloggers & it’s the 6th month of a 7 month series we’ll share insights on different topics from our unique journeys! 😉



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  1. Yes! Yes! YES!!! I say this all the time. Not having to consider anyone else’s thoughts and feelings is what keeps me single! I live this feeling and quite honestly idk if I ever want to feel any differently.

    I OVERLOVE running my Queendom as I see fit.



  2. Yes to all of this!! I have come to love not having to answer to anyone else. Getting to parent the way I want, doing whatever I want, making whatever food I want. There is definitely a sense of peace!! Love this!


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