Have I gotten too tough??

I’ve always pondered about this: have I gotten too tough? I feel because I have to do it all most times, that I’m a bit “macho” or “hard”. I can’t really express or show signs of weakness because HOW is that for being the head of your household? The leader of your family? The strong mother who can always get things done? Especially when your children are boys…

I can recall there were plenty of times that I tell myself to suck it up and get it done. Wear your tough skin, face your fears, get over it… If I’m capable, then I CAN!

Initially, I did it all. & that equals, burning myself out. (Don’t get me wrong, there will be times that call for you being in control of everything.) However after one too many burn outs, & of course as time goes on and the children grow older, I tend to reclaim my femininity… 😉

My sons are my MAJOR helpers. Who need movers??? LOL

I’ve gotten to a point that I had to make boundaries on what I was WILLING to do & what I REFUSED to do. I have a long list of sexist tasks that I’ve either had to do or thought it was best to “save money” instead of paying a MAN to do. Here goes: I can install sheet rock; assemble furniture and toys; drive long distances (24hrs solo); mow the lawn; move big and heavy furniture up and down stairs; take out the trash; pump gas; shovel snow off my car in the freezing cold; carry heavy groceries to avoid more than 1 trip; can’t forget kill bugs (lol); check the oil in the hood of my car; change the car head/rear light bulbs; put air in my car tires; hook up my washer/dryer; and the list goes on…

So like I stated before, I CAN do those things. But why?!! If there’s a man around me and even if I don’t know him, I EXPECT him to be a man and do all the cliche manly protective and helpful things they’re supposed to do. So I always accept the help…including financial help whenever offered.

Now of course this is a HUGE determining factor if there’s a man in my presence and/or wants to get to know me. If I feel like I’m STILL doing any of these, then ladies (I’ll speak for you all too), he’s not an asset to my/our lives. I know you “DON’T NEED HIM”. But that’s one way you can determine if he’s contributing value or not into your demanding lifestyle. I will definitely make mental notes about that person and cross off that person moving forward in my life. I shouldn’t STILL be feeling MANLY around another grown ass MAN…PERIOD. 😉



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