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Unstoppable Betina brings a message of possibilities for other single moms (young & old) who need to borrow her perspectives to use for their own personal growth & advancement.

She’s an example of never allowing adversity to get in her way (even though it tries), & encourages other women to find the strength in her stories to overcome any limiting beliefs they have, or what others & society imposes onto them! She has this inner belief that she CAN go after & get whatever she wants. Despite challenges she face (if you’re human, WE ALL FACE THEM)–no one is immune from them!! Whether people choose to express them or not, that’s the misleading yet powerful part of everyone’s life. It’s the KNOWING what you had to struggle through BEFORE you’ve ended up at your happy place, victories, & successes. Just knowing that there’s someone who’s had similar situations, pains, problems, or worries…her stories evoke your ability to question your life, your worth, your courageousness, & ultimately gives you permission to boldly live, overcome, & enjoy your life with your own triumphs too! Betina is owning her journey & we need to stop being afraid about being judged or even judging others but to encourage what can be accomplished using a perspective from I AM UNSTOPPABLE! Betina thanks everyone for allowing her to enter into your hearts & desires for everyone to live their greatest version of themselves!

Some background going deeper…

Betina is 30yrs now & has been a single parent for 9yrs with two boys, Isiah, 8 & Mathieu, 6. Betina is born & raised in Brooklyn, NY & had some childhood experiences like sleeping on the floor, living with broken house windows, having fights in her home & in the neighborhood (including witnessing her friends getting shot), & at times barely having food in the fridge…But ironically never being on any government assistance. Betina had both parents involved with her 2 sisters up until the age of 11yrs old. At the age of 16yrs old, Betina got fed up with their living situation & decided to pursue child support from her father who abandoned them yet living 1.5 blocks up the street. That became the turning point for Betina that proved she’s UNSTOPPABLE because the judge was amazed that her case made it to court while being a minor!

After graduating HS with an advanced degree, then graduating college with honors in 3yrs, Betina knew she was above average! Then at 21yrs old & 2mos after college, Betina realized she had another point to prove because she became pregnant! She refused to struggle & therefore secured a positon in the government even after finding out a 2nd pregnancy at the age of 23yrs.

Betina also was able to purchase her own home at the age of 25yrs & take her family of 3 on their 1st vacation at 28yrs for 7days! Betina had the experience of living in her car for 3mos with her kids then bouncing back, owning her own life through her successful projects & obtaining a new blueprint for money & how to make it!

Betina defines what she terms, “The New Norm” of single parenting to exemplify some possibilities with obstacles she’s overcome & reveals them at various points in her life for others to benefit from!!


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