FEB 3, 2018…I’m 32yrs YOUNG!!

February 3, 2018 is my birthday!!! HOORAY TO ME!!!  32yrs is my magical number!  Birthdays for me as a mother has really been about me just “being” and giving thanks for the moments I have been able to create and what I’m looking forward to in the coming year.

Since becoming a mother, I never really make plans for my birthday but more like ideas if it was a perfect scenario 😊!  This time around I am definitely going to cater to my whole self.  Top to bottom including getting my mind right.  Because really, another year technically means GROWTH but not only in age…mindfulness should be improved too!!  One of the hardest things in life in my opinion is changing your life towards living the way you want to live…if that’s your objective.  So every year, I’m reflecting and understanding more and more about what my mindset has been, what I’ve been able to accomplish, what’s been distracting me/holding me back, and what I want to create moving forward like in a massive way!!

Also now I’m focusing on creating more 1st Time Experienices for myself & I plan on skydiving!  It’s literally taking me 2yrs (from 30yrs) to actually go (still need to finalize plans though but I have called to get the info so that’s making progress LOL)!!  Anyway stay tuned for that in Feb for sure…cause ain’t nobody scared LOL!!!

And there will absolutely be no dinner for my b-day celebration.  Going out to eat isn’t a must do because eating isn’t exciting unless it’s like a 3 course meal with a totally unique cooking experience.  As of right now…I prefer to actually do something then finish with dinner…not look forward to ONLY dinner.

Besides that, I will take a nice long, detox bath to soak and relax.  My birthday is on a Saturday and my kids aren’t 100% so in these instances…kids come 1st always!  BUT nothing beats relaxation in a tub with hot water and my detox crystals, sipping on some lemon, cayenne pepper water!!  HAPPY 32nd  BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! 😉

(If you haven’t used these Dead Sea Salts from SHEA MOISTURE…Try & thank me later!!!)

Order HERE on Amazon!!

On a different note, I’m GIFTING (as a birthday gesture from me to you) one of my AUDIOS from a course of mine titled: “6 Principles for the UNSTOPPABLE Lifestyle“.   I share what has kept me always moving forward even when facing challenging moments or circumstances in my life.  My hope is that you can see where you’re at using these 6 Principles and what’s keeping you from elevating instead of feeling like you’re helpless or a victim.  You can access the audio during the next 72hrs (by Feb 6th, 2018) with a comment on this post and I’ll personally send it to you!!  Also I only ask that you provide a review on my FB page: Unstoppable Betina after you’ve received this $199 value for FREE!!

I’m looking forward to developing relationships…YOU’RE WELCOME!! 😉


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