What separates being an extraordinary single parent is that almost always, we’re doing the “what we KNOW” we must do vs not “feeling like” kind of deal. Regardless if it’s handling a need or want for our child(ren), household, or ourselfs we make the decision to do what we know we have to do because there isn’t another person to pass requests off to.

Here’s what’s “HARD”: forcing yourself to do something you rather avoid because it’s so much easier not to do it. Ever catch yourself being full of TALK but not enough action to carry you through all the commitments you’ve made?  Exactly my point!!  It’s like saying you’re going to exercise but you don’t; cook instead of eating out; go to bed early but don’t; stick to a budget but don’t; stay home vs partying; etc.  Those are ALL choices you have made where the consequences weren’t THAT big of a deal to you. & you can choose not to do what you don’t want to…no harm done.  So it’s easy to act according to HOW YOU FEEL IN THAT MOMENT & life goes on without missing a beat.

However when it’s you & YOU… the only parent, you have that “there is no other option mindset” that automatically kicks in.  Yes, you might wish & hope to have help, but you understand that realistically–in this present moment–I MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN.  I’m the only adult (aka dependable adult) & there are no compromises period.  THIS is what makes being a single parent so “DOPE”!!

Single motherhood is the type of commitment that is the strongest because it teaches you about YOU & your will power!!  Regardless of how you feel–including tired & you might even be sick–there is no bigger reason or excuse to relinquish you from the responsibilities of your children.  Your only beliefs are: I love my child(ren) therefore I’m either sucking my teeth, whining, complaining through it OR I’m moving from a LOVING, COMMITTED, DUTIFUL motherly role to accomplish what’s needed/wanted from me.  Whatever you have to do, you do it to ensure your child(ren)’s priorities comes 1st!!

So you naturally get into the habit of separating what your moods tell you to do & only operating from what you HAVE TO DO.  Here’s a pointer: If you can transfer this mindset to other areas of your life & you make your decisions non-negotiatable, you’ll truly be UNSTOPPABLE!! 😉





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