The Journey… Real Life Happens!!

IMG_20170526_160940_155Ever find yourself feeling delusional and asking, “WHY ME?”  Why do I have to experience pain and so much heartache?  Why can’t I just live an amazing life without any problems?  Well honestly, it’s simply called, “LIFE” and there isn’t any other way to say it.

EVERYONE on this earth, experiences pain…even happily married couples, wealthy people, poor people, childless people.  EVERYONE is included on a journey that’s filled with trials and overcoming them (if they so choose).

Things won’t go your way, what you hoped for or even prayed for will not just show up instantly.  You have to take life seriously, but also know that “you can’t get out of life alive”…so you must understand to ENJOY your journey!  The minute you start feeling defeated, as if you’re the only one, you’ve lost your battle.  If just one other person has been mentally stronger and exposed HOW they’ve overcame their hardship, that’s your clue that what’s possible for them, is also possible for YOU!

As single moms, it is a requirement to have mental toughness.  The way you strengthen this is by GOING THROUGH the pain, THROUGH the frustrations, THROUGH the point of when you want to give up!  YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND this message from Les Brown, “If you do what’s easy, life will be HARD.  But if you do what’s hard, life will be EASY!” In other words, don’t run from your problems.  Face them and LEARN THE LESSONS from your problems.  If you make mistakes, SO WHAT!  EVERYONE makes mistakes.  How you find out that something won’t work is if you actually were unsuccessful at it!!  So next time around, you’ll know to AVOID doing what you did.

Here was one moment in my life when I was reckless.  Something so small as not opening my mail or answering my collection calls because I didn’t have the money to pay YET.  I didn’t want to be bothered when I wasn’t financially prepared.  So as it turned out, one morning I woke up and my car was “stolen”! LOL That was my 1st reaction…definitely didn’t think it was REPOSSESSED!

I just started a job and was still in training so I was NOT making any money.  So I was temporarily BROKE and the timing wasn’t right.  I just moved to another state and just when I was getting myself “stable”, I was CARless and the job I just started was 40mins away.  Here’s the funny moment for me.  I wasn’t mad that my car was repossessed because it’s business.  I didn’t uphold my end of the deal so why should I be mad??!  It just taught me to NEVER rely on one source of income to control ALL of my needs.  Oh yeah, to have better communication when I have “bills” too! LOL

Well thankfully I had my friend to drop me off for about 1wk and then I had to get a car rental for almost 2wks while I saved up $1000 for a down payment.  Having BAD credit, a repossessed car, a job making $2/hr (was a server), and no pay stubs worthy of showing proof of income, I thought it was a joke trying to get a car.  Crazy enough though, I KNEW I was getting a car and something (intuition) told me to go back to the Toyota dealership (the same company that I defaulted payments on) to get a car.  In 2days, I WAS A CAR OWNER AGAIN still paying the same monthly payments I was used to!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I AM UNSTOPPABLE AND I BELIEVE YOU ARE TOO!  🙂







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