How to Keep More of Your Money as an Employee!

Here’s my story of how I was able to use what knowledge I had as an employee and using the same job I was in, to create more money by just making a few “tweeks”.

Making money as I knew it back then was about working a J.O.B.   So that’s what I did.  I worked “hard”(doing more than was required of me) and performed at my best.  So that ultimately led me to get monetary rewards because I stood out from my peers (you never want to be like everyone else).  Then that also led to me to get special recognition and was hand-picked to work on a special project, resulting in more money!  Now that required long hours from 6a- until 11p sometimes even midnight!  When that project was over, I would also network and be in the know of overtime opportunities.  And as it turned out, a co-worker I befriended had the OT hookup—that’s what friends are for right?   Here’s the irony though with that friend…she made 6-figures and STILL was in need for OT income!  She would complain about the tax man “pimping her” and her not seeing all her money.  But I never questioned her because when I needed more money, she was there to show me a way—to trade more of my time for a set, taxed income.

I share that because that’s most people today.  Working jobs are the most common ways to provide and survive …which is why I’m so thankful for that time period!!  It was the reason why I was able to live in an apartment then buy my 1st house, provide for my family of 3, pay my mother childcare fees, and sometimes helping my sister.   And recently, it was the cushion I needed to sustain me while building my businesses on the side (I’ll get to that later on).

But it wasn’t until I started wanting more from my life; therefore situations started changing for me. When I wanted to buy a house, to gather my down payment, I worked OT.  Getting a second job didn’t make sense to me nor was it appealing!  That’s twice the effort, at a different location, and too much to deal with altogether (and I definitely wasn’t going to make the same income or more).  I committed to working OT for 3mos straight and vowed NOT TO EVER work OT again because I too was being “pimped by the tax man”.  I gave that up.  But I remember my realtor advising me to increase my deductions for a set period and then revert back to what I initially had.  I followed suit and that was helpful.

After settling into my home, I needed more money because “life” started coming on strong; so I took out more loans (which was NOT in my plans).  Everything was supposed to go smoothly!!  Then at some point I maxed out that option so now I was in need to make more money WITHOUT having to trade anymore of my time being away from my kids.

There was a divine/miraculous intervention and after meeting the most successful person I knew at the time and having access to him, changed the course of my thoughts and life forever.  Then I eventually began surrounding myself with higher level thinking (those not working jobs but still creating a difference in people’s lives) and reading books on wealth (from T. Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Grant Cardone, Toni Robbins, etc)!  I got introduced to my 1st 7-figure person in the flesh and absorbed the knowledge he shared.  I ultimately started a business…something I didn’t even think was possible for me at all!!  Hell, I wasn’t creative or talented enough! LOL (So I thought ! 😉)  Mind the people you hang around:  “Who you spend the most time with, should be the least; and the ones you spend the least time around, should be the most!”  I ended up changing my circle of influence.

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As a disclaimer, I’m not a tax expert. So this information is optional.  But as a W2 employee, I learned that working for someone meant that you were taxed the most. However you can keep more of your money by simply increasing your deductions to balance out (you pay the right amount of taxes) and not focus on receiving a tax refund. Think about it: It’s your money! Why would you willingly decide to allow the government to keep your money for 12 months (gain the interest on it) and then collect 1 lump check at the end aka “tax return”?  But all the while throughout the year, you/I would be struggling, complaining about not making enough, and then end up having to take out loans to cover unexpected expenses!!  I rather get my money up front than wait on it. “Rich people don’t receive tax refunds”.

Also having a home-based business gives you the ability to create write-offs and to KEEP EVEN MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS (the IRS gives you a set time-frame before making profits)!!  And of course, you’ve position yourself to make additional income too from the comfort of your home/on your time!!

So here’s a quick way to create more money (couple of hundreds even) without working EXTRA hrs on your job…INCREASE YOUR DEDUCTIONS!  It’s just that simple!  By doing just that, I have been able to buy a house; cover emergencies that pop up; start 2 businesses; travel more than the average “1-2 trips” each year; and whatever else I needed to do with that money.

Get educated on taxes and how you can keep more of your money but that’s what I’ve been able to do and that’s just the beginning!  And remember, we’re in the era of entrepreneurship so I suggest you find a business to plug into their system or create a business that you can monetize on your own time!  And remember, all businesses REQUIRE HARD WORK AND DISCIPLINE…BUT IT’S WORTH IT! 😉


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