Exuding Confidence!

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I AM CONFIDENT!  Repeat that too, “I AM CONFIDENT!”  Confidence is what will separate you from the rest and that’s a great thing!  From the time I can remember, I’ve always had this inner knowing of striving to be my best self and people were going to know Betina is here.  In fact, in JR High School, I would repeat when I first came to class in the morning, “Attention everyone, Have no fear, Betina is here!” LOL & of course my classmates would say, “No one cares!! Sit down!! Who do you think you are?!”  It was funny but I just enjoyed letting my presence be known.

My beliefs about confidence are being able to boldly state who you are, what you represent, & owning a personality that is captivating.  Confidence means you’re able to smile, charm (in a sense) those who you come in contact with, captivate those around you, you’re competitive with yourself, & can enjoy yourself in situations.  You exude a belief system that you can get whatever you put your mind to and that is final!  Confidence means when you go after something, whether a goal, tackling a problem, or just going about your daily life, you walk with posture, your breathing is slow and calm, you feel your presence and in turn others feel that too from you. You’re so sure of yourself, and you can communicate that to the world without verbally letting people know you’re “confident”.  It shows up in your actions, in your physical appearance, in your walk/strut, eye contact (without staring though), you sit up straight, & what you allow to come out of  your mouth.

You should also be instilling those values in your kid(s) because as my mentor told me, you have to speak and show confidence to them.  In my family, I always encourage my kids and I tell them about disempowering words like dumb, stupid, and we definitely don’t use the “can’t” word.  I always use empowering words to encourage their own experiences from doubt to accomplishing & overcoming challenges themselves without my help (most times).  Then I’ll say, “I told you” so next time they’re faced with another “problem”, they’ll have those past experiences as reminders to make them keep trying and find a way!

Also I tell my kids, no slouching when sitting; walk with your head up high; & when talking to people, look them in the eyes.   I make sure my kids speak great words about themselves: ” I am AWESOME; I am a LEADER not a follower; I am SMART; I NEVER GIVE UP, etc!!”  This is so important to me because it wires them to make their own decisions & be their best selves or at least give their best efforts!

Now there are times when your confidence gets tested… However you’re not affected by what negative people say to you or about you.  In fact, you’re not interested in other peoples’ opinions.  You have your own inner self talk that uplifts you and constantly reminds you of your worth and your value because that’s the standard you’ve set for yourself.  The saying goes, “Those who matter (to you) don’t mind (you), and those that DO MIND (you), DON’T MATTER (to you)!”

So there is an understanding that there will be people who really like you and then there will be people who can’t stand you.  So what!  Smile at those people who dislike you and give your attention to those who respect, honor, and appreciate you for being you!  Because you don’t have time to waste on insignificant people who want to drain you with their negative energy.  No thank you and keep it moving!



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