31yrs YOUNG with kids???! A Conversation with a stranger…

Today was interesting.  & I say that because I  get to engage with the public on a daily basis (I’m a server at a restaurant).  So not too often I have casual conversations that go deeper than “small talk”.  But today was a day I needed to share what was discussed because although I’M GROWN, there are still people who attempt to pass judgment & think we all have the same beliefs. Well, fortunately WE DON’T!

I previously spoke to this couple briefly when they asked about my accent which I told them, “I’m a New Yorker”.  So leaving off from there,  today they wanted to know MORE.  Really it was the wife who was leading the conversation & I participated because I wanted to “entertain” her questions & see what her thought process was.  Well after her finding out I had 2 kids, she was later shocked to know I was 31yrs young (because “I looked young”)!  Then she HAD to ask, “Well how old are your kids?”  After revealing I’m a mother of 8 & 7yrs old boys, the husband chimed in and asked about my HUSBAND…assumming I was MARRIED! HAHA!!  Clearly there isn’t a ring on my finger!! Then this next question was, “So why aren’t you married?”

Ok those were the questions & the entire time I had a smirk on my face because they couldn’t believe my answers & me being OK with not being married WITH kids!  I shared that marriage wasn’t for me (then to mess with them a bit)… that it’s just a financial agreement.   Nowadays, people don’t honor their vows & are divorced too often.  I’d rather live a life that makes ME HAPPY.  Not live up to this “perfect image” of the order in which having kids begin from.

I ended the conversation there but it was an interesting conversation because some people feel the need to judge, assume, & indirectly attempt to belittle you.  It was their comments insinuating that I was too young to have kids & since I HAD kids, then I must’ve been married. Here’s the LESSON:  everyone have beliefs & people can get out of line asking questions just to be nosey & judge you or for whatever reasons.   But know this:  IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF YOU!! 

People’s beliefs don’t determine anything about you.  It’s simply just their beliefs & you have to know your worth & your beliefs about the decisions you’ve made were for YOUR BEST INTEREST & for YOUR LIFE!  HOLD TRUE TO THAT & YOU  WON’T HAVE ANY REGRETS!



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