No NEED for a sitter…I GOT THIS!!

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It’s not always a bad thing to NOT HAVE A SITTER!! Do things, & make experiences for a memorable childhood!

Having kids isn’t only about making sure they are loved, fed, clean, protected, & happy.  It’s also about ensuring they’re having a quality of life.   Here’s what I mean:  if you think back to your earliest memories, what do you remember most?  Did you have a great childhood?  Did your family spend lots of time with you?  Did yall go to different places?  Did you only go to the neighborhood  park, only play outside in your neighborhood, or mainly stay in the house ? Did you have a lot of stuff or toys to keep you learning & entertained?

I’m  fortunate to have had a great childhood overall (up until 12yrs) & that was the driving force to do as much plus more & be there like mine was for me.

So really, your childhood sets the blueprint for the way in which you will treat your children because your parents were your first examples.  Think about it. You act congruent to what you know.  Your actions are influenced by wanting to do what you perceived as right or what you want to make up because there was a void for you. So our behaviors can repeat those same childhood experiences by default (unconsciously) or completely the opposite of what you know!

Here’s my blueprint: I recall with my father, mother, & sisters: taking roadtrips, visiting different museums, going to piano concerts, amusement parks,  going on a helicopter ride, driving in my father’s 2-seater Corvette, having picnics at the beach,  playing the piano, going jogging, running a race, & spending time at family functions.  So any hardships I’ve experienced growing up gets overlooked.  It was spending time with my family & creating experiences (I cherish even to this day), I value so much more. & from those positive experiences, they trump us “lacking” toys, cableTV, sleeping on the floor,  nice clothes, etc.

& speaking of not so fond memories, I do understand there are people who had rough beginnings, bad memories, & poor examples that left them believing that it’s acceptable to repeat that way of upbringing.  Even though you “made it” through the hardships,  struggling, etc & that’s “all that counts”; striving to be better will actually improve not only your child’s life,  but yours too!
Since I’m with kids & they’re at the ages where they aren’t fully independent, my mentality is HAVE FUN TOO! Do the kid friendly activities BUT ALSO PARTICIPATE & ENJOY THAT EXPERIENCE TOO!! (IT’LL KEEP YOU YOUTHFUL!!)  Don’t be THAT parent sitting on the sidelines & just observing. NOT ME!! You’ll find me in some rollerskates,  playing sports, booking trips, etc.  I’ll adapt & create age appropriate family-fun & enjoy each moment.

Currently I’m 30yrs old & my kids are 8 & 7yrs old.  They’ve already gotten their passports, been on a cruise, traveled to 8 different states, 1 country, been on a helicopter ride, taken flights, been on a jet ski, indoor skydived, amusement parks including DisneyWorld & DisneyLand; enjoyed 2 beaches, & enjoyed many other outdoor/indoor activities that were free. We live an active lifestyle of fun & spending as much time with each other is what we  strongly value.  It’s not always a bad thing to “not HAVE a sitter”.  😉

NOW, let me clarify because being single I do understand there are some limitations on your time, energy, & income.  I’ve experienced them ALL. I’m not saying every week do something fun.  When you’re feeling overworked, tired, or stressed, something as small as watching a movie TOGETHER can be a moment of quality time.  Or with the internet, do searches for FREE kid friendly things to do in your area & be sure to save the date & plan to go with food packed.  That can be a FREE event with just money spent on gas or transportation.  Even go for a walk, site see, take a trip to a museum.  What you might think is boring, remember kids have imaginations & just going somewhere new is cool to them!!

& just remember this question for your life with your kids: When was the LAST TIME YOU  DID SOMETHING FOR THE FIRST TIME??

LIVE for creating as much joy, excitement, & as many memorable experiences as possible!


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