Spontaneity: the MISSING ingredient in your lives!

I want you to stop for a moment and think about what life is ACTUALLY looking like for you now?? Ever stopped and realized that for 7 days, it’s just the same kinda life without much variation of doing things over and over again?? Yes there’s the occasional events that “throw you off” but afterwards…you’re back to that same monotonous routine!  But ironically for me, I wasn’t aware that I was NOT adding more different types of new, exciting, and fun experiences!  And just forbid there’s cable/TV in the picture–because then you’re getting entertained with new shows (worst re-runs) sitting around in the 4 walls of your home!  How time consuming and yet not utilizing your valuable time here on earth.

Here’s something to consider: you only get ONE chance to live and more importantly, here’s a fact: we all know our “birth date” but don’t know our “box date”. We’re living as if we have unlimited time here on this earth.  So let’s not take that for granted and make an intentional effort to create a more fun, fulfilled lifestyle!

I was 25yrs old when I had my pivotal moment and it was because my life was INTERRUPTED with this new knowledge I hadn’t even considered. New knowledge to LIVE ON PURPOSE meaning start creating the lifestyle I wanted and not being on the “receiving end”. I was complacent with life but still not happy even though I had all of my bills covered and no real worries.

So let me jump into what I mean by adding SPONTANEITY into your lives.  To be spontaneous as defined by Google’s 1st result: “(of a person) having an open, natural, and uninhibited manner.”  This outlook offers you a refreshing feeling of rejuvenation and feeling alive!

My 1st step was to buy a house…a little extreme but 5mos later, I was closing on my 1st home!  So of course I was consumed immediately with working with a realtor, searching, viewing homes and everything else that comes along with getting myself and family ready for the new home transition. But it gets better, I was committed NOT to transfer my cable services to my new home because I already started cutting back on TV (barely had any time to watch it) and was OVER watching others on TV make a butt load of money living these amazing lifestyles via reality shows. NOTE: this coming October will be 4yrs of being cable free 🙂

Not so drastic, but still creating a shift in your daily routine, join a group/club that interest you and meet new people to do different things with.  I joined an exclusive,social, travel group and because of that, I found myself traveling every 3mos for the past 3yrs and adding my own trips in between totaling to 15! I was also able to take my kids on 7 on those trips of which we as a family were able to create a generational shift as they got their passports for the 1st time at 5 & 4yrs while mine at 27yrs!

So here’s a cool way to keep yourself excited: I’ll say, create a bucket/TO DO list of things you want to do for this year when you’re feeling like you need a picker upper.  It can be local events, like going for a hot air balloon ride, helicopter ride, trampoline park, zip-lining, indoor sky-diving, go karting, etc.things that are out of the ordinary that will keep you on your toes!   Also nothing like visiting new states/cites that are driving distances away and experiencing what’s popular there and you don’t have to spend a night if you don’t want to/can’t…day trips are the best!   We work too much as mothers not to enjoy EVERY and ALL that is available to us and our children.  Keep creating exciting memories and PLEASE post some of your ideas that you’ll be COMMITTED to and to add more value into your lives and your families!!  Thanks for reading! 😉



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