Grown Discussions (Every Friday on Unstoppable Betina Facebook Page)

12/01/17–“My Top 3 Turn Offs”.  Here’s my tea I’m sipping on.  Order yours & get other flavors too!!

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12/08/17– “Love Your New Bodies”.  Here’s the Kombucha Probiotics Drink I’m sipping on… & there’s so many delicious flavors too!!  Get your drink on!! 😉

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12/15/17– My “Moms’ Confidence Retreat” & what it’s about…


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1/12/18–My son’s note: “You need a husband mommy!!”  & here’s the tea I’m sipping on…

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1/19/18– When the “baby daddy” OUTSMARTS the bitter “baby mama”…PLAYED THE GAME TO WIN!! 😲 Here’s the tea I’m sippin on…

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2/9/18– Singleness & I’ve NEVER asked a man to pay my bills OR a man NEEDS to pay your bills especially if sex is involved…

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