How many moms have noticed a major difference in their bodies AFTER having babies?  I know that list is long however I wanted to speak on one area that I didn’t initially know about…that is my digestion!!  I know the saying is the older you get, your metabolism slows down…But my body really changed internally and forced me to pay more attention to what I put into my mouth.

I’m still learning about this area but as of today, I’m A LOT better than what I was experiencing 5yrs ago.  Let me just say, I’ve always been health conscious and stayed away from certain foods I knew weren’t of any nutritional value.  I also don’t eat red meat but occasionally eat turkey, chicken, and fish.   And that’s because I know it takes longer for red meat to “pass through your body” and for other reasons like my mother doesn’t eat red meat either and she’s instilled some of her ways in me.

So here was my struggle back then: I would be bloated to the point that no air would come out no matter how hard I tried.  I felt like a balloon that you couldn’t pop just walking around with a huge stomach…soo painful!  I even went to get a sonogram because of the discomfort!!  Not realizing what was contributing to the bloating until one day I found out that my favorite Iced Carmel Latte from Dunkin Donuts was one of the culprits!!  I seen the Dunkin Donut’s guy making my co-worker’s drink and his “secret” to making those drinks so delicious was adding like 1/3 of the cup with the carmel INSTEAD of the recommended 4 pumps.  That was an eye opener for me and I made a shift to add that on my list of foods NOT to eat.

Next I ended up buying Activia yogurt and even that didn’t help me after eating the entire 4-pack..(milk bloats my stomach) uugghhh!!  I used to eat Raisin brand cereal with soy milk (Soy gives me gas and I didn’t know!!) uggghhh and that worked AFTER I had the bloating;-_- then I WOULD eat nuts…(I later found out that (almonds/cashews too  bloats me!! Uggghh .  Allthough I was trying to fix myself, I was being counter helpful!!   I did however exercise because running seemed to be the only solution…

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Then I came across JJ Smith’s book, “Lose Weight without Dieting or Working Out” and it CHANGED EVERTHING for me!!  In order to stop bloating, you have to cleanse, detox, and eat “clean” foods.  She talked about detoxifying the body because a pop belly is a huge indicator of harden fecal matter from months ago, even YEARS!!  She mentioned about the various ways to detoxify the body from the chemicals in the air, in our foods, and what we use in our homes on a daily basis—sauna, bikram yoga, dark leafy greens—just to name a few.

I personally did the Master Cleanse for 10 days and it was the best experience!  I lost 14lbs and I seen for myself that on day 7, WITHOUT any solids…I was STILL going to the bathroom to eliminate!! My stomach felt so much better, I felt so much better, and it was like I was resetting my body of all the junk I was putting in over the years.  I also had much more clarity and since then, I’m very aware of the foods I eat and HOW it affects my body. I challenge you too to take inventory of what you’re putting into your bodies and become more in tuned with foods that agree with your body or not!

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Also, this year I started drinking Komucha/Pribiotic drinks because they are specifically for digestion as well and priobiotics are the healthy bacteria your body needs to keep you in optimal shape!

Cleansing is key especially for keeping a flat stomach!  (Who doesn’t want a flat stomach?? 😉) You can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their waistline!!  The body is supposee to elimate DAILY…ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU’RE EATING EVERYDAY TOO!!

And to take it a step further, strengthening the body with exercise will be another key component to getting your internal organs moving on a regular, daily basis.

As single moms, it is very important that you keep your health in great condition because so much is required of you; you have to have the energy and the health to take care of all your responsibilities!!  It’s non-negotiable and you have to feel good ALL THE TIME!  Because  without your health, without you investing in self-care…what good can you do when all you’re doing is focusing on your pain/discomfort?

For more tips on Self-Care from other single mom bloggers, CLICK ON THIS LINK, Secrets for a Successful Life.  This is a collaboration with single mom bloggers & it’s the 4rd month of a 7 month series we’ll share insights on different topics from our unique journeys! 😉



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