Cutting Cable: Get out the house more & SAVE YOUR MONEY!!

6years ago I have made the permanent decision to get rid of my cable!!  Ahhhh…what a relief!  That one, simple decision had a domino effect on my lifestyle!  No cable meant I could get out the house more.  Do you realize how significant that can be on the quality of your life??  Not only that, no cable meant there was just fuzz on the TV (nope didn’t even get an antenna); so I’ve eliminated the biggest amount of distractions in my home.  You might not realize it but TV’s purpose isn’t just to entertain you…but to sedate you as well.  & as single moms, our time is valuable—we don’t need to waste sitting around doing nothing…SO. NOT. PRODUCTIVE.

But it gets better…in fact so much better because the best part is now you’ll have EXTRA money each month (my cable bill was over $100 & that’s on average too) that you can save!!  How refreshing & satisfying to know you no longer will find yourself flicking through well over 100 channels just to watch 17 channels max.  It’s crazy but accepted practice to overpay for a lot more cable tv than you really ever watch.

Well it’s time to get smarter!  & by smarter I mean getting out of old ways of doing things, spending less, while still getting way more!  Now there is Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime for a measly $10/month & you can get ALL the movies/TV shows to keep you and your children busy and entertained 24/7, 365 days a year, including on multiple devices!  & also no matter where you go, whether inside or out of your house, you’ll have the same access and that’s the icing on the cake!!

It’s time you put a STOP to it & save that unnecessary spending!!  Now you can put that money towards a much better cause like a savings account, emergency fund, or special outings that would create some memorable experiences for you and your family!

My Living Room 2014

Now let me get back to me and my life without cable.  I used to have a TV in my living room but I’ve since moved it to my sons’ room for them to watch DVDs or play video games…I rarely turn on the 1 TV in my house for myself.  So over the years, we enjoy spending time out of the house being active; gaining new experiences; I’ve been able to use that money towards joining a VIP lifestyle club; & even starting 2 businesses!!  What a dramatic change!!

However, if you’re specifically just looking to save money but still want to enjoy quality time with your children, there are so many FREE activities to do with them:

  1. Bike riding, roller skating, riding scooters, skateboards, going jogging20170815_171342.png
  2. Park outing/Picnic
  3. Playing Tennis, baseball, basketball
  4. Sightseeing/Walking Tour at a Popular AreaCollage 2017-05-16 17_59_32
  5. Fly kites, toy helicopters, race remote control cars
  6. Visit an animal shelter, farm, zoo
  7. Go to the beach, pool20170815_171417
  8. Go to the library
  9. Go to a concert
  10. Attend festivals, parades, museums, botanical gardens, art galleries
  11. Google Search “free Kid activities in my area” (especially on weekends)—for even more ideas happening in the NOW!

This will definitely help you & your family feel GREAT and enjoy life a whole lot more!!

For more tips on Saving Money from other single mom bloggers, CLICK ON THIS LINK, Secrets for a Successful Life.  This is a collaboration with single mom bloggers & it’s the 1st month of a 7 month series we’ll share insights on different topics from our unique journeys! 😉



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  1. I totally agree with this. I feel like I haven’t missed anything by cutting our cable. I’m saving money and we go out and do things more often. I love the ideas you’ve included as ways to get out with kids for free!


  2. My family stopped paying for cable about 10 years ago as well, but now my kids have a fascination with watching Minecraft videos on YouTube, so I need to work on the out of the house activities you mentioned. 🙂


    • LOL that’s what my kids’ like watching! But I control it because they have to use my phone or when we go to a wifi location. My kids are 9yrs & 7yrs so I keep them active and trying new things so they challenge themselves & have a great childhood!! & for you, what do you like doing? As a single parent, I’m used to taking my kids to do what I like so we turn it to an adventure…everyone’s happy!


  3. This is such a great point! When we cut out cable off I realized just how much time we actually did have! I became so much more productive with my work and my kids and I had so much more time to do activities!


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