What IS a Single Mom?! When asked, are you filled with positive affirmative beliefs about their courageousness, will power, and how incredible these women are to be in such a position??! Or do you immediately have thoughts of struggle, poverty, weak minded, or think how pitiful?  I know for me and there are so many others, I had bad connotations about single moms–only that it was upsetting for the responsibilities to fall on the mother while the father lives without a care.  Also it’s “tacky” to be pregnant without a ring on the finger.  It was not until I experienced it firsthand that I changed my thinking and only thought of the possibilities I would have vs my live is “OVER”.  Perspective is everything and so is your belief system surrounding this topic.  I never accepted anyone’s OPINION because the FACTS remain: if you say you can’t or you say you can, BOTH ARE CORRECT!  In other words, if you say you’ll be UNSTOPPABLE and WILL achieve whatever you want, then you WILL.  But if you think it’s hard and you feel ashamed, then you give up trying and live out what’s disempowering for you!




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